Monday, April 20, 2009

Easy Donuts

All you need is:
Hot Oil
Cans of biscuit dough
Any toppings you want

Flatten biscuit doughs and pull open a hole in the center

Slowly put in hot oil in a shallow sauce pan of oil (about 1 inch deep)

The oil temp is fickle. I set my stove to Med-High, but you must wait about 15 min for the oil to heat up- the oil needs to be hot enough to cook the dough quickly, but not too hot to burn the outside and leave the inside doughy.

Flip the donut after about 2 min using metal tongs or a metal strainer spoon

Lay the donuts onto a towel right after pulling out of grease and let sit for a couple min. This allows the excess oil to be absorbed and the donut to cool down. 

I use frosting, cinnamon sugar, powder sugar & sprinkles to top them, but anything goes. Get creative!

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  1. I used to make these all the time with my friends in high school, but haven't thought about it in a long time. So yummy, thanks!