Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Open Faced Veggie Panini's

cooked & ready to devour

uncooked/raw without the cheese

Hey look, sometimes I actually make healthy things. This is so easy, so nutritious and so good. 

Sliced Sourdough Bread
Diced Tomatoes (I used canned with basil in it already)
Diced mushrooms
Diced Zucchini
Diced Olives
Italian Seasonings (I used onion powder, garlic powder, a touch of thyme and oregano)
Shredded Cheese (I used a six cheese light italian blend- parm, asagio, mozz, etc- but whatever you like would work)


Cook on bake for about 10 min on 375 and then broil the last 3 min to crisp the bread

Line your pan with non-stick foil to catch the burnt cheese and easy clean up


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